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An Essex based property development company formed in 2012 that produces homes of high quality throughout England. We are a forward thinking business who buy sites with or without planning permission and undertake joint venture partnerships. 

We will take on any size of site ranging from a one unit bespoke design house to 150 units.

 Our company ethos is to build projects in house giving us total control of the quality in the units that we deliver to the market ensuring that they are always of the highest quality built in the best possible way. Whether it be a 1 bedroom flat or a 5 bedroom house our emphasis is always on the delivery of homes of supreme quality that are a pleasure to live in that contribute to the local area and are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our focus is on the use of renewable building materials and renewable energy sources such as solar panels and air source heat pumps where possible, we are continually looking for ways to  improve the overall quality of building and the units we deliver. 



Dyer Mackay Holdings

We are building a considered portfolio of both residential and commercial units in our holdings company - Dyer Mackay Holdings. Dyer Mackay Holdings retains the freeholds on every development.